Story Telling about " The Monkey and The Crocodile

The Monkey and The Crocodile

It was a beautiful lake surrounded by lush green grasses, beautiful trees, mountains and sweetest, tastiest jamun trees. There lived a monkey on one of the jamun trees located near the lake. The lake also had a few crocodiles. There was one crocodile that used to collect the jamun fruits from the lake that fall from the tree. As the crocodile visits the jamun trees every day, it became friends with Monkey. Crocodile and monkey met every day. The monkey helped crocodile by providing more and fresh jamun fruits from the tree. Their relationship continued and they became close pals.
One day, the monkey asked the crocodile to give some jamun fruits to his wife and family as the fruits were more delicious. The crocodile agreed and took a lot of jamun fruits to his wife.
His wife was so happy and surprised that she never ate so delicious fruits, so far. She inquired her husband, where he got those fruits. The crocodile told her, his friend, monkey who lives in a Ja…

Central Kalimantan Province

Central Kalimantan

   Central Kalimantan is a province of Indonesia. It is one of five provinces in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo. Its provincial capital is Palangkaraya and in 2010 its population was over 2.2 million, while the latest official estimate (for January 2014) is 2,368,654.
A. HISTORY In 1957South Kalimantanwas divided to provide the Dayak population with greater autonomy from theMuslimpopulation in the province. The change was approved by the Indonesian Government on 23 May 1957 under Presidential Law No. 10 Year 1957, which declared Central Kalimantan the seventeenth province of Indonesia. President Sukarno appointed the Dayak-born national hero Tjilik Riwut as the first Governor andPalangkarayathe provincial capital.
B. GOVERNTMENT                                                                                 

     Governor : Sugianto Sabran      Vice Governor : Said Ismail
C. GEOGHRAPHY Central Kalimantan is the third largest Indonesian province by area with…

Biography Najwa Syihab

Najwa Syihab

   Najwa Shihab who is nicknamed Nan (born in Makassar, 16 September 1977, age 40 years) is a former newscaster on television station Metro TV. He was once the anchor of Metro Today prime time news program, your Voice and Najwa Eye talks program. Najwa is the second daughter of Quraish Shihab,  Minister of Religion of the era of Development Cabinet VII. Nana is married to Ibrahim Assegaf, and already has one son who is familiarly called Izzat (17 years).       Najwa is a graduate of Faculty of Law UI year 2000. During high school he was elected to follow the program of AFS, which in Indonesia this program implemented by Foundation Bina Antarbudaya, for one year in United States. Pioneering career in RCTI, in 2001 he chose to join Metro TV because the TV station was considered more to answer his interest to the world of journalism.
      In August 2017, through the episode of Pointless Notes, he formally resigned from MetroTV who had raised his name. And on January 10, 2018,…

My Last Holiday

My Last Holiday

       Toward the holidays, I and my family plan to go home to Tasikmalaya. Before we go on holiday, my mother buys groceries for our supplies in the village because the distance traveled to the market is very far away. My mother bought things like flour, eggs, sugar, and other snacks. Our plan to go home is on Sunday. But at the time, I still had business at school, because some school subjects had errors from the school server. The academic guardian told us to return to school on Monday to correct the wrong values. This information I tell mom. That night, my family and I negotiated plans to return home. We all agreed to go home tomorrow morning, and my plans for school were canceled.
      Tonight we all pack up the things to be brought home. Starting from clothes, food, toiletries and so forth. I carry a schoolbag that I have not been wearing for long, I put my clothes and the equipment I used to take with me on vacation. Tonight I'm glad that everyone in my ho…

Ant & Grasshopper

Ant & Grasshopper Once, in one summer season’s day there was a grasshopper that was jumping around, cheeping and singing to its heart’s web content. In an area, An ant passed by, birthing along with massive toil an ear of corn he was saving to the nest. ” Why do not you come as well as appreciate the day with me?” claimed the grasshopper, “rather than toiling constantly?" ” I am mosting likely to lay up food for the following winter months,” stated the ant, “and recommend you to do the same with me.” “Why should we care about wintertime?” said the grasshopper; “We have had a great deal of foods currently.” Yet the ant kept walking on its way and also proceeded its toil. When the wintertime came the insect didn’t have any kind of food and discovered itself passing away of cravings– while it saw the ant supplying daily, corn and grain from the stores they had actually collected before. Then the insect acknowledged: It is best to prepare well for days of something we need in the…

" Idul Adha " ( the commite of Qurtsa )

On 31 August 2017 all Muslims perform Eid al-Adha or sacrifice. Sacrifice is the activity of slaughtering animals for people who are able to carry out their orders. In SMA N 3 this event is always held every year. Before Eid al-Adha I enlisted to be a sacrificial committee because I felt interested in the religious field. After I became the committee of the sacrifice, I attended various activities such as: meetings to talk about how to do it later, the preparation of tools and materials that must be brought fit day H, and includes the division of each task. Shortly thereafter, Eid al-Adha arrived, but SMA N 3 did it on the 2nd day. Because on the first day to give time for activities at home with family. Chairman of the sacrifice that is Zidan, told us to gather in school at 5.30 because we have to prepare tools and materials to be taken to the place of cutting, washing, weighing, and others. Her man stayed overnight to take care of the pet, and feed for the animal. We bring the tools…

Amazing around the World

The Statue of Liberty is one of 7 wonders and is a world-famous statue. The statue of liberty is on Liberty Island, at the mouth of the Hudson River in New York Harbor, USA. Historically, this statue was built in 1875 as a gift from France to America. The Statue of Liberty is considered the largest concrete structure in the United States in the 19th century. The statue has a height of 93 meters was officially dedicated on October 28, 1886 by President Cleveland. The Statue of Liberty is a gift from the French Government as a symbol of friendship between the US and France as well as in the framework of 100 years of Uncle Sam's declaration of independence. Therefore, the statue also called Liberty Enlightening the World in English, and La Libert√© √©clairant le monde, in French it represents a freedom and democracy in a state. In addition, the statue is also a welcome symbol for immigrants and Americans who return to the country. The Statue of Liberty is made of copper plates …