" Idul Adha " ( the commite of Qurtsa )

On 31 August 2017 all Muslims perform Eid al-Adha or sacrifice. Sacrifice is the activity of slaughtering animals for people who are able to carry out their orders. In SMA N 3 this event is always held every year. Before Eid al-Adha I enlisted to be a sacrificial committee because I felt interested in the religious field. After I became the committee of the sacrifice, I attended various activities such as: meetings to talk about how to do it later, the preparation of tools and materials that must be brought fit day H, and includes the division of each task. Shortly thereafter, Eid al-Adha arrived, but SMA N 3 did it on the 2nd day. Because on the first day to give time for activities at home with family. Chairman of the sacrifice that is Zidan, told us to gather in school at 5.30 because we have to prepare tools and materials to be taken to the place of cutting, washing, weighing, and others. Her man stayed overnight to take care of the pet, and feed for the animal. We bring the tools…

Amazing around the World

The Statue of Liberty is one of 7 wonders and is a world-famous statue. The statue of liberty is on Liberty Island, at the mouth of the Hudson River in New York Harbor, USA. Historically, this statue was built in 1875 as a gift from France to America. The Statue of Liberty is considered the largest concrete structure in the United States in the 19th century. The statue has a height of 93 meters was officially dedicated on October 28, 1886 by President Cleveland. The Statue of Liberty is a gift from the French Government as a symbol of friendship between the US and France as well as in the framework of 100 years of Uncle Sam's declaration of independence. Therefore, the statue also called Liberty Enlightening the World in English, and La Libert√© √©clairant le monde, in French it represents a freedom and democracy in a state. In addition, the statue is also a welcome symbol for immigrants and Americans who return to the country. The Statue of Liberty is made of copper plates …


Hallo everybody  :)
   Umang Island is the best island in Indonesian, because this island have the sand is very smooth and the water is shaped like a crystal. And Umang Island have an executive Resort and Umang Island is 5 star island in Indonesian. This Island located in Banten, West Java.

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Planning  to a Holiday
 One day, in the class I'm and my friend talk to a planning Semester December holiday. We talk about where we are going on vacation. Hanifa  :" Hello Putri, Hello Annisa" I'm greeting with a big smile Putri     :" Hi Hanifa"  Annisa  :"Why you so happy Hanifa? is it because a boy? you crushing someone?" Hanifa  : "What? of course no! I'm happy because semester holiday is near! I can't wait for                   it!" Putri     :"So what? do you already have any plan?" Annisa :"Is it with a boy?" Hanifa  :"Hey! please stop teasing me! i already have a plan! you guys are curious, don't                      You?" Putri     :"Okay, tell us about your plan hanifa" Annisa :"And also tell us about your new boy" Hanifa  :" I have no crush my dear Annisa, by the way, I'll visit my grandma in Bangka                         Island! I've wanted to go there since l…


Hallo guys... I have some forgoten experience in my life. And experience make me fell have a miracle.

    After school, i have many some homework. I'm not must do like what. I'm running to the bedroom, to free for a moment. My mother say" What you have homework?". I say" yes I have". And she say" Why you do it". And then i say" Wait a minute, i still tired for it". My mother clean up to my bag, my shoes and my uniform. She invite to eat together, i do it.
    I say story in the school, start from meet teacher, homework in the school and then attitude my friend.  She soon finish eat and clean up it. She help me to do homework. As give to example for homework, give to way finish homework, and then she help to translating language English.

 Also often ask to my father about lesson mathematics and 'TIK'. He give me steps to do homework mathematics, and he also always give games to me for happy for a moment. They always help me when…


One day, Ayu is doing her exercise in Saparua .she is running on the running track and then...

Tiara: agh!! Ayu: Oh, I'm so sorry! Tiara: that's ok. Ayu: I think I have seen you before. Tiara: Really? Ayu: Yes, your face looked familiar. Tiara: Oh, I think I have seen you before too. Ayu: wait, let's sit.
They sit in the side of the running track.
Tiara: do you go to Nusantara high school? Ayu: No, I go to Merpati High School.what about your Junior high school? Tiara: I go to Pelangi  Junior High School. Ayu: yes!We go to the same Junior High School.There is where I saw you. Tiara: Yes!I remember it. Ayu: we go to the same school but I don't know your name.what is your name? Tiara: Yes, that's funny.I'm Tiara.what's yours? Ayu: I'm Ayu. I think everyone in the school knows my name.i'm really famous. Tiara: oh really?so I'm an introvert to don't know your name, hehe. Ayu: that's least now you know my name. Tiara: Oh! you are the …


  Hii. My full name is Putri Tiara Fadhilah. You can call me is Tiara. 

   I born in Tasikmalaya, but I lived in Bandung at Jl. Kebon Sirih no.44/5B. From my school in SMP 40 Bandung. Now, I'm studying in SMA Negeri 3 Bandung. I'm from class X MIPA 5. I'm fifteen years old.

  My hobby is swimming, singing, and sometimes read book inspiration or novel. I want to be a doctor or Apotheker  I have a small family where I love to be part of the family. I am the first child of two siblings. I have a younger brother. He is 3,5 years old.   Sometimes I like to play with my cute little brother, as play ball, and also singing together with him.  I have a cat named push, but the cat is not original got my mine and I adopted him. I feed him to fish or other every day. He has orange and white feathers. I also like to play him. I like him because of fur him soft, and also  At home I have a sister, she is like my best friend. I'm like sharing my bad story or happy story. And…