Hallo guys... I have some forgoten experience in my life. And experience make me fell have a miracle.
    After school, i have many some homework. I'm not must do like what. I'm running to the bedroom, to free for a moment. My mother say" What you have homework?". I say" yes I have". And she say" Why you do it". And then i say" Wait a minute, i still tired for it". My mother clean up to my bag, my shoes and my uniform. She invite to eat together, i do it.
    I say story in the school, start from meet teacher, homework in the school and then attitude my friend.  She soon finish eat and clean up it. She help me to do homework. As give to example for homework, give to way finish homework, and then she help to translating language English.


One day, Ayu is doing her exercise in Saparua .she is running on the running track and then...

Tiara: agh!! Ayu: Oh, I'm so sorry! Tiara: that's ok. Ayu: I think I have seen you before. Tiara: Really? Ayu: Yes, your face looked familiar. Tiara: Oh, I think I have seen you before too. Ayu: wait, let's sit.
They sit in the side of the running track.
Tiara: do you go to Nusantara high school? Ayu: No, I go to Merpati High School.what about your Junior high school? Tiara: I go to Pelangi  Junior High School. Ayu: yes!We go to the same Junior High School.There is where I saw you. Tiara: Yes!I remember it. Ayu: we go to the same school but I don't know your name.what is your name? Tiara: Yes, that's funny.I'm Tiara.what's yours? Ayu: I'm Ayu. I think everyone in the school knows my name.i'm really famous. Tiara: oh really?so I'm an introvert to don't know your name, hehe. Ayu: that's least now you know my name. Tiara: Oh! you are the …
  Hii. My full name is Putri Tiara Fadhilah. You can call me is Tiara. 
   I born in Tasikmalaya, but I lived in Bandung at Jl. Kebon Sirih no.44/5B. From my school in SMP 40 Bandung. Now, I'm studying in SMA Negeri 3 Bandung. I'm from class X MIPA 5. I'm fifteen years old.   My hobby is swimming, singing, and sometimes read book inspiration or novel. I want to be a doctor or Apotheker  I have a small family where I love to be part of the family. I am the first child of two siblings. I have a younger brother. He is 3,5 years old.   Sometimes I like to play with my cute little brother, as play ball, and also singing together with him.  I have a cat named push, but the cat is not original got my mine and I adopted him. I feed him to fish or other every day. He has orange and white feathers. I also like to play him. I like him because of fur him soft, and also  At home I have a sister, she is like my best friend. I'm like sharing my bad story or happy story. …